Reviews about INIFD Pimpri

Reviews about INIFD Pimpri
Reviews about INIFD Pimpri

About INIFD Pimpri

Here are the reviews about INIFD Pimpri, INIFD Pimpri is known as the best fashion designing institute of Pune, INIFD Pimpri known for designing dream, is one of best fashion designing institute in Pune

It is offering industry –oriented course patterns for future fashions and interior designers. The institute is located in the heart of the “Cultural capital” of Maharashtra. 

INIFD Pimpri embraces students from all over the globe through its 97% placement record. Associations with more than 500 companies for college campus and a great learning environment.

This prestigious institute with a legacy of 25 years. It has proved to be one of the most aspirational platform when it comes to fashion and interior designs. With the grounded excellence of decades, every year around 25,000 aspirants fulfill their dreams of becoming a designer at INIFD.

The team of INIFD Pimpri comprises of dynamic individuals with a strong designing inclination. They have a positive attitude towards personal and professional growth. The academicians at INIFD Deccan are highly qualified in their respective domains, be it fashion design or interior design.

Various Courses in INIFD Pimpri

INIFD Pimpri, have strongly shouldered the brand value and proved itself to be one of the best designing institute in Pune when it comes to fashion and interior designs.

The main objective of the institute is to elevate the aspiring designers, students and youth to be a great designers. And also accomplish their goals in the respective field. INIFD Pune conducts platforms for students to showcase their creativity and bring in innovations.

Through their associations with top notch fashion brands, the institute not only extends learning exposure. But it also provide placements to the students year on year. In various forums, the experts have mentioned that Fashion designing in Pune is a very prevalent. And the youths of the city themselves are the immense fashion flag bearer.

They love to explore and bring in various twists and turn in fashion and make things look differently beautiful. 

Under the mentor ship of the designing icons Manish Malhotra (Bollywood Fashion designer & Stylist), Twinkle Khanna (Actor & Celebrity interior designer) and Ashley Robello (Celebrity Fashion Designer & Stylist), INIFD Pune imparts courses on Fashion designing and Interior designing.

Students can select their courses from 3 years’ specialization program, 2 years of advanced courses and other training programs. You can further refer to the reviews about INIFD Pimpri which will help you choose your respective field.

Prospects of Designing Courses

The demand of designers has been increasing phenomenally over the period of years. Due to the recent demand and the prospects, the designing course is one of the most prospective platform.

The institutes like INIFD Pune ensures that industrial exposure is extended to the students. This help them to understand the demand pattern and trending patterns. However, the designers must be innovative and artistic at the same time.

As we all know, fashion/ interior designing is one of the most lucrative, appealing and glamour career options for any passionate individual. So if anyone have an inclination towards creativity, style and innovation this career is meant for them.

Moreover, the designing industry is the connecting bridge between creativity and materialistic needs of the people. While in one hand it depicts creativity, authenticity and style. On the other hand it promises glamour, fame, success and a high pay package to the talented people.

Reviews about INIFD Pimpri

INIFD Pimpri is very popularly known for as the best fashion designing institute in Pune. For a huge number of people who are successfully working on various prominent fashion projects. Ms. Bhavana Mehra, a fashionista, working with various national and international beauty pageants concerts states, “the learning and in depth understanding of fashion that is imparted in this fashion designing course in Pune institute is beyond appreciation”. INIFD Pimpri, known for its 25 years of trust, performance and success stories. It specializes in Fashion Design course in Pune and Interior Design career simultaneously.

Ms. Arpita Patra, a very popular fashion designer has stated, “INIFD Pune is very well appreciated in various Indian fashion communities for bringing up the fashion design careers in such an organized and practical manner”. The students are exposed to various live projects and activities which gives them a better leaning platform.

Some of the key Unique learning process of  INIFD Pimpri, includes Industry Integrated curriculum, Professional Assessment. It also includes Career Monitoring, gaining experience from the Industry as you learn. And ongoing practical and live projects throughout the course tenure.

So if you are planning to opt for a fashion designing career, head over to INIFD Pimpri. Considering the reviews about INIFD Pimpri, it is the college you can rely on to weave your dream career.

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